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Halloween Date Ideas

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Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, and it has an innocent, joyous aura around it. There is snow everywhere in some parts of the world, and the scenery is bright and colorful.

If there were an annual celebration that was the opposite of Christmas and its ever so brilliant scenery, it would be Halloween. If you prefer witches and vampires, Halloween is the perfect time for you.

Halloween presents you with a perfect time to up your dating game because there are always many fun activities to try out. You can go to several parties and make new acquaintances that can become romantic in the future.

Halloween is for the fun-loving and adventurous person. As someone who is already in a relationship, it is time for you to find out how fun your partner is. Because some people are close-minded about Halloween, so it is time to find out who you are really dating and how easily scared they are.

This Halloween, you can avoid the cliche things most people do, which includes putting on a costume and partying all night, for other Halloween date ideas. Don’t worry if you can’t think of something now.

There are many ideas baked into this article that you and your eharmony partner can try. If you are single and looking for date ideas, you are reading the right article.

Halloween Date Ideas

New/First Date Ideas For Halloween

Have you landed someone new and would like to take them out during this Halloween? Here are some Halloween-friendly date ideas.

1. Amusement Park or Carnivals

Halloween parkBecause Halloween is such a global event and is massive in the United States, you will find several amusement parks redesigned to cater to it.

Your regular fun, relaxing parks will be transformed into a spooky place where there will be many people screaming into the night. There are also carnivals organized for this purpose.

You will find many Halloween shows that you and your date can cling to each other from fear after watching. Providing emotional support on a scary night is oddly something that could take your relationship to the next level.

So, explore as much as amusement parks and carnivals you can fit into your schedule for the night.

2. Make Halloween Treats

Halloween treatsMaking things with someone you are romantically invested in has always been encouraged because of how quickly it can help you realize if things can work between you both.

Being able to make critical decisions that would impact what you are making without conflict is essential. You will know how well each person can respect the other’s decision via activities like this.

For a Halloween date idea, why don’t you both make treats? If you’ve never made treats before, that is even better. The learning experience is a plus.

3. Go On a Ghost Tour

Ghost tourDuring Halloween, like ghosts, ghost tours begin to pop up around you, and they are great Halloween date locations.

A ghost tour is an event put together prominently during Halloween and allows participants to explore a particular location’s haunted history.

It ranges from family-friendly ghost tours to terrifying paranormal tours.

It would be best if you checked with what capacity of scare your date can handle. A paranormal ghost tour, for example, is not an activity you plan as a surprise for anyone without checking with them first.

4. Zombie Walk

Zombie WalkDo you both like the hit TV series ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you both have plans to go as Zombies this year?

Then you should make it a date and join a zombie walk this Halloween.

Participants usually congregate at urban centers and move around city space in an orderly fashion, just as zombies would.

What Can Couples Do On Halloween

Here are some things you can do with your partner during Halloween:

1. Pumpkin Carving

Why don’t you turn on the heat and challenge each other to a pumpkin carving contest? It is the perfect activity to do if you are both introverts or you are just not feeling like going out during Halloween for the year.

2. Late-Night Grocery Purchase

Grocery PurchaseYou would love this activity as a couple if you have some scary movies picked out for the night. Go for a grocery run, usually things you can munch during the movie, late at night. Drive to a store in a different neighborhood if you want things to get spooky. If you can’t drive, take a 10-15 minutes walk to get the items you need. When you are back, put on your movie, and see how alive you feel at the end of the day.

3. Costume Shopping

If you’ve got a Halloween party to attend, which often requires you to come in a costume, you can go costume shopping with your lover. You would enjoy the experience and might even make out once or twice in the costume shop.

4. The Cemetery

CementeryWalking in the cemetery in the day is scary so imagine what the feeling would be like at night during Halloween.

Challenge your partner to do it with you. Get a flashlight, a water bottle (you can fill it with whatever drink you like), hold each other’s hands, and take a walk on what is literally the land of the dead.

5. Local Haunts With Other Couples

Being in the presence of other couples during Halloween is fun. It is even better if you know the other couples. Hit up some of your couple friends, and find a local haunt you can all go to together.

Bottom Line

Halloween is a period where you can find love, go on dates, and strengthen your bond with a partner. For single people looking to meet other people, you might want to stick to the cliche costume parties. Those parties can prove useful in your search for a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

If you started dating before Halloween, you have the chance to make new memories together by going on spooky haunts, zombie walks, and many more. Just make sure you know your partner’s limits.

For couples that have been around for a while, try to do it differently this year. Find something on the list that you’ve never done before. Have a fun time scaring each other to death.

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