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Best Interracial Dating Sites

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Before you look for the best interracial dating sites, first ask yourself, “Why do I want to be on this site?” There are countless reasons. Maybe your parents are of different races, and you’ve grown up in a diverse environment. Or, maybe you want to expand your dating pool.

You could’ve tried your luck with one group and just want to see if you have a better chance with another. Whatever your reason, you have a right to date whomever you please.

But keep in mind that no matter which of the 15 online dating sites or interracial dating apps you choose, you’re still going to have to filter your way through all of the usual complications with dating.

Are personalities more important to you than looks, or vice versa? Then make sure the person you choose fits the personality or looks you want. But even if that aligns, dating compatibility must be part of the plan, too. Here’s hoping that one of the 15 sites below provides all of the objectives above.

And if/when it does, remember who sent you there. Good luck!

Top-Rated Interracial Dating Sites

1. Mixed Dating

Mixed Dating Homepage

Let’s face it. Online dating sites are a business like all others. You can navigate on this site, but you have to get past the redirects and pricing to do so.

Key Features

  • Invisible mode activation option
  • Pass/Like image option
  • Immediate chat option, even with people you have not contacted yet

If you decide to pay for membership, the rates started off as $13.33. But if you don’t click it fast enough or leave the page to browse around, then the three-month rate changes to $16.66.

The other rates change from $19.97 for a month to $24.99 for a month, and $0.80 every day for 30 days to $1 for 30 days. The $5 five-day trial rebills at $29.95 every 30 days instead of $23.95 for the initial pop-up promo. So if you’re sure you want to be on this site, you may want to immediately sign up to save the extra difference in funds.


  • Premium features have unlimited emails and flirts
  • “Has photo” option to browse photos


  • Immediately goes to 20 percent off promotional code
  • Abruptly redirects to paid membership options before you can fully sign up

Keep in mind that there are lots of initial profiles with no images on this site. You are better off setting your preferences (including photo-only profiles) from the very beginning to make sure available users are ideal for your needs.

2. Swirlr

Swirlr Homepage

If you already have a particular demographic in mind, this site doesn’t even bother to make you browse for it. The very first option to choose from during sign-up is gender and race.

Key Features

  • “Fashion Sense” option to distinguish between T-shirt and jeans wearers; sporty dressers and those who hate fashion
  • “Sense of humor” option to distinguish between fans of slapstick comedy, witty comedy, sarcasm and “Dumb and Dumber” jokes
  • Free dating ebook from Bob, the founder

This site keeps the spam to a minimum. Expect messages to only come from your personal preferences, including only people with photos, who live in your state, who are the gender you prefer, within the specified age range and who want the same type of relationship.

Check out who is checking you out, who is flirting with you and browse invisibly with premium programs ($2.69 per week for six months, $3.03 per week for three months, $5.99 per week for one month).


  • Immediately distinguishes between workaholics (i.e. “I should have a bed in my office”) and a more casual workload
  • “All ethnicities” option for users who are interested in interracial dating but open to dating a similar race, too


  • If you choose “Long-term relationships/marriage,” the profile will automatically say you’re looking for marriage, regardless of you choosing other options such as “Dating/Romance”
  • The “About Me” section does not immediately show up on the Profile page to elaborate past initial questions

Make sure to sign up with specifics on this site. The search option on the homepage, without signing up, does not accurately filter age groups nor race. Editors may cringe at the typo in “a amazing guy”; just look away from the screen.

3. Blasian Love Forever

Molly may be ruining her relationship with Andrew on HBO’s “Insecure,” but Blasian supporters can always look to Marco and Niecy from “Moesha.” That duo did a far better job of showcasing black women with Asian men—and way less arguing.

Key Features

  • Request to ask if users are looking for Asian men, Black women, or Transgender partners
  • Redirect option to join Asian women and Black men instead
  • Interactive chat options that redirect to other kinds of sites (ex. politics)

In addition to answering the usual questions regarding dating (kid preference, smoking, drinking), this site takes it one step further by asking if you want to join sub-Asian Men Black Women (AMBW) sites about art, music, anime, movies, books and more. This may help narrow down preferences even more to mutual hobbies.

Beware that the “done drugs?” question is a bit too broad and does not separate marijuana from hard drugs.


  • AMBW subsites
  • Ability to use a username instead of real first and last name


  • Near impossible to close the account; FAQs do not ask or allow an option to do so without contacting them, and there is no “Profile Management” page for free accounts
  • The “All Rights Reserved” pop-up constantly comes up for no rhyme or reason

Unlike other dating sites, this one is more of a discussion board than a traditional Pass/Skip/Like/Match option. This may be the best site for those who are interested in group discussions but leaves much to be desired on the web development side.

4. Interracial Cupid

Questions about physical appearance may make or break who you pass up. This website asks for your weight upon initial introduction. Is that intrusive? Yes, but questions like these may also help you (and your potential partner) avoid wasted time with someone who doesn’t meet that match.

They’re already looking for something new and different, so may as well be honest all the way. (Or leave it blank and let your photographs tell your story.)

Key Features

  • Minimum search distance is 50 miles or blank
  • Requests passport, license or national ID to verify account (not shared with other members or third parties)
  • Mutual and reverse match options

Some questions aren’t exactly private but still offer the option to “prefer not to say,” such as whether you wear contacts or glasses, your salary or who you live with (ex. “live alone” and “live with family”).

In order to see the mutual and reverse match options, the price is $6 per month (or $71.98 for a onetime, yearlong payment), $12 per month (or $35.99 for three months) or $17.98 for one month.


  • Pre-written greeting to talk to talk to as many as 20 users at once: “I am looking for someone special and your profile attracted me, would you be interested in chatting?”
  • “My Matches” options are free to peruse without payment


  • Search option is inaccurate on homepage before sign-up
  • Whatever gender is chosen, it automatically highlights the opposite gender (not LGBTQ+ initially savvy)

Choose this option wisely. The initial search option ignores age preferences for your date, regardless of whether it’s your own age preferences. Double-check the whole profile, not just what you’re looking for.

5. Interracial Dating

If you have an account on Swirlr or Interracial Dating Central or Afro Romance, then you can probably log into this website with those credentials.

Key Features

  • Fyozz blog reading material: Opinions, Advice, Coaching, Inspiration, Date Whisperer
  • Local site links (Canada, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Texas, Toronto, Washington DC)
  • Success story highlights

After three months of a continuous Premium Subscription Service, you can call the company within 14 days after the 90 days are up. Their three-month guarantee will allow a refund of the full amount.


  • Several contact options (phone, email, or live chat)
  • Relationship tips and mental health (i.e. anxiety)


  • Search option is inaccurate on homepage before sign-up
  • Closing a Swirlr account will automatically block you for 24 hours from this website

According to the website, success stories more often happen with subscribed members versus basic members. Does that mean you cannot find love with a basic account? No. But you may have fewer advantages than others.

6. OkCupid

Homepage - OkCupid

Although this site can give you the “Double Take” option on people who look like you, it’s also just as easy to find someone of a different race. In today’s political climate, it’s increasingly obvious that the site will also help people easily navigate social justice causes, too.

Key Features

  • “Black Lives Matter” heart options
  • “Open to Any” option to expand dating options
  • Deal-breaker questions are included in questionnaires

In addition to the usual dating questions about children, marriage and pets, OkCupid has plenty of questions to help those interested in interracial relationships to discuss their views on racial topics.

The questions range from attending recent protests, whether families should be separated at United States borders and views on the 45th president of the U.S. If you want to unlock intros and see who has similar views and “Likes” you, price options are $24.99 per month for six months, $33.33 per month for three months or $49.99 for one month.


  • “Recommended Just For You” feature helps you find like-minded dating partners
  • Percentage and profile rundown shows where you and a “Like” partner don’t mesh well


  • Unpaid account means you cannot see who “Likes” you
  • Will not allow you to zoom on photos

OkCupid is one of those sites that allows you to get the best of communication with mutual matches. Of course paying for an account will provide more opportunities, and there’s always an option to join A-List. But it’s more of a suggestion than an obnoxious ad that keeps popping up.

7. Silver Singles

Silver singles homepage

It’s tough enough to find someone over the age of 50 who is not already married with a grandkid on the way. But this website will help you find an interracial dating match by looking at you, your personality, and your lifestyle.

Key Features

  • Exclusively created for users who are ages 50 or higher
  • Personality test
  • Three to seven suggested matches sent per day

Intended for seniors, mature adults, and older singles, this is the place to go for over-50 dating. While you can sign up for a free membership account, unlimited access for singles is available with premium membership—$27.95 per month for 12 months, $37.95 per month for six months, or $49.95 for three months.


  • Less likely to have undesirable ages in profiles
  • SSL encryption and fraud detection systems for safer accounts


  • Multiple technical errors and loading problems after verifying account, including repeated emails even after sending a blank “Unsubscribe” email
  • Initial advertising photos don’t show enough women who are 50 and older, mainly older men

If the site or idea seems familiar, that’s because it’s a newer version of other sites— in 2002, Single Seniors Meet in 2009, and SilverSingles in 2011, when it became part of the dating group Spark Networks, Inc.

8. Interracial People Meet

If you’re looking for an economical way of testing interracial dating, this site makes their discounted rates immediately available from the sign-up screen. You don’t have to look far to find them. You will, however, have to do some extra navigating to narrow down your relationship type.

Key Features

  • “Do You Like” option allows you to choose two profiles at a time and automatically sends your choice as a “Flirt” to the photographed user
  • Prompts for potential dating interests to answer your questions
  • Highlight top three interests

For a six-month signup, the price is $6.49 per month, or one payment of $38.94. For three months, pay $8.99, or one payment of $26.97. For a one-month payment, pay $13.99. Without paying, you cannot read or reply to any messages, or see who is flirting with you.


  • “Skip” option of “Do You Like” if neither profile image is your physical type
  • Easy navigation through drop-down options without opening multiple tabs


  • Search option is only by age, which means there’s still more filtering needed
  • Even after choosing between two profiles, you may still see the profile that you didn’t choose in your searches

While some people view the “Flirt” option as equal to the “Poke” on Facebook, it’s also a way to test the waters. Try this as your next nudge after the two-profile comparison.

9. Clover


If you’ve never used “Meghan Markling” as a verb, this is the dating app to teach you what it means. The short answer is it’s a way for you to “value yourself and your mental health enough to up and leave a room/situation/environment in which your authentic self is not welcomed or wanted.” The same can be said for the dating scene.

Key Features

  • Intended as a mobile dating app, not for desktop navigation
  • 20-question quiz
  • Chatroom options

With increasing attention on social justice issues and activism, Clover also lets users know all about “wokefishing.” For users who are looking for a diverse group of dating prospects who believe in their political and cultural causes, this may be the way to figure out who actually stands for your deal-breakers and who is just faking their way into finding dates.


  • Meetup options to help avoid Catfishing
  • Free seven-day trial


  • Intended as a mobile dating app, not for desktop navigation
  • Even after installing via desktop, it may not immediately show up on related devices; download via smartphone to avoid waiting

Clover is free to download and use. There’s also a subscription package and non-subscription, single and multi-use paid features (Boosts).

10. Bumble

Homepage - Bumble

It’s up to the ladies to decide how you want to use the Bumble app, with BumbleDate, BumbleBFF, or BumbleBizz.

Key Features

  • Profiles of men, with Instagram accounts and bios included
  • Graduation years and career titles included in men’s bios
  • Bumble Boost shows bees who’ve already liked you in your Beeline

Shoot your shot early. You have 24 hours to make the first move, or your match will expire. But unlike other dating websites, you’re reaching out to guys who you can learn all about.

However, they won’t know much about you since the sign-up process doesn’t initially require you to answer any questions. To find out more info, choose Bumble Boost: $9.99 per week, $24.99 for one month, $49.99 for three months, $79.99 for six months, and $119.99 for a lifetime.


  • Political enthusiasts will appreciate the “Do you vote?” question
  • Easy navigation options


  • No initial opportunity to filter which guy you’re looking for (ex. “no kids”)
  • Matches seem random when it comes to physical appearance but will match location specifications

Although there’s not a whole lot of ways to tell how open these guys are to dating interracially (nor a question to confirm it), this site does give women the option to see which men will consider the idea. Bumble Boost will also show you who is already interested from various demographics.

11. Coffee Meets Bagel

Noon is for more than just lunchtime with this app. Every day at noon, it will introduce you to people it believes are “worth meeting.”

Key Features

  • “Chat with Bagels” update: Number of times the user chats versus making connections
  • “Sends first message” highlight: Number of times the user initiates first contact
  • Records average time to respond to chat messages and be active on the site

Eighty-six percent of the users on this site are looking for long-term relationships. However, because degree completion is asked about initially, this may be a “con” for those who have an issue with dating someone with a high school education or less.

But if you’re “open to all” when it comes to race (and religion), it may open your opportunities. The site will even send suggested edits for your preferences to introduce you to better “future bagels.”


  • Sign-up questions inquire about degree completion
  • Activity level updates every 72 hours for each profile


  • Can only join via smartphone
  • Too heavily reliant on Facebook for photo uploads and logins

If you’re fed up with users joining dating sites to then leave them in the dust, this mobile app allows you to see who is actively looking and who you’re wasting your time trying to talk to.

12. Interracial Match

This site may be more geared toward younger users because it appears to have a default of ages 18-22. However, this could be a tech glitch because the “Discover” tab will allow you to search more accurate age specifications.

Key Features

  • “Spark” option to pass and like other profiles
  • Unlimited messages
  • Ability to see who has viewed you and who you have viewed

In order to have full use of this site, you will need to pay $19.95 for six months, $24.95 for three months and $39.95 for one month. For free, you can check out multiple users’ ages, location and headlines with a casual scroll.


  • Easy to edit profile needs, minus age and location
  • Option to scroll through profiles or Pass/Like


  • Choosing age specifications is difficult; website seems to be stuck on 18-22
  • Will only let you get as close as 200 miles to potential partners

When you are using “Spark,” if you and another member both slide each other’s photos into the “heart” pile, then the website will notify both of you via a notification email. If either of you slide the photo to the “x” pile, the declining user is in the clear.

13. Love Crosses Borders

If you keep trying to click the main website link and it reverts to Facebook, that’s not by accident. Create a Facebook account, “Like” the site, and start searching the message boards.

Key Features

  • Video and photo highlights of LCB
  • Posts social media videos for discussions on common dating discussions (ex. age gaps)
  • Inclusive options for both parents of interracial children and potential daters to converse

Is it more intriguing to hear from the children of multiracial or biracial children? Does it take away from the traditional dating scene? Or, is a Facebook account like this an opportunity to know who to befriend? It may be all of the above. Just make sure to try to connect with commenters of the site to navigate the dating scene.


  • Opportunity to find Facebook users who support interracial marriage, befriending them
  • Inclusive options for both parents of interracial children and potential daters to converse


  • Non-Facebook users will have to join (or re-join) in order to fully interact
  • “Lori & Jens” on Instagram link just brings up an Instagram image

While some users question the picture-perfect quality of some images on the Facebook page, others look like real selfies. Is it possible both are authentic? It’s up to the people in the images to confirm that.

14. White Men Black Women (WMBW)


If you’re specifically interested in dating one particular type of group, a site like this is perfect for black women who want to date white men, or white men looking for a black woman.

Key Features

  • Photo browsing options
  • Powered by Millionaire Match 2001-2021
  • 24/7 customer service

In order to get to the root of this site, it’s probably best to skip past some of the generalizations on the homepage, specifically stuff about “not all black women like to twerk” while then stating “don’t treat black women like they [sic] from a totally different planet.”

Instead of focusing on the web writers, pay more attention to the actual users—who hopefully have far less clumsy (and stereotypical) conversations.


  • Free to wink at fellow users
  • Unlike some other sites, free to interact in chats


  • If you’re not a fan of being described as “unique” or “exotic,” the homepage wording will probably offend black women
  • There are strange generalizations about black women being “traditionally kind” as though they’re all a monolith

If you are a white woman who is interested in dating black men, there is an alternate site for that. It’s linked on this sister site.

15. Elite Singles

Homepage - Elite Singles

If you’re looking for free interracial dating sites, it may seem surprising to find out that there is actually a free version for Elite Singles. They’ve also blogged about how to be the best interracial dating app for those who are interested in branching out.

Key Features

  • 381K members per month
  • Only for those who want a serious relationship
  • Users hold an “above average education”

For some users, a college degree and beyond are not a big deal. Other daters are looking for something more casual or don’t know what they want. This is not the site for that. When you come here, you know exactly what you’re looking for.

One of the more interesting questions that is asked upon sign-up is whether you’re looking for a soulmate, confidant, someone to raise a family with, lover or entertainer.

While the personality quiz will lead you to payment methods, there are free options. Expect all users’ photos to be blurred out, with all personality perks visible, if you don’t pay $11.95 to $22.95 per month though.

Check the full review out here.


  • Can choose your first-date preference from four initial options (no guessing games)
  • Before a “first argument,” you can tell how your potential dater argues (with sign-up questions)


  • Although the promo says “above-average education,” users can choose high school graduate level status
  • Lots of questions before creating the page

The blog wording seems geared toward white people, with the interracial dating blog ending in, “If you’re looking to meet black, Hispanic or Asian singles, or just want to find out more about interracial dating, EliteSingles is on hand to bring you together with amazing people.” Assuming most users are white, this may make sense.

Bottom Line

Some people gain confidence while conversing on online dating relationship sites. Others don’t. It’s really up to you to decide which group you want to be in. But if you’re interested in testing the waters with a more diverse crowd, these 15 sites above should be your starting ground.

Some of them will allow you to join multiple sites at once and potentially find new users. Others are all their own. You can join them all and decide which one is the best for you, or test them one at a time to decide which users or website fits what you need.

If you’re into social media, make sure to join the related channels to engage in discussion boards. You can even attend some of the events (for eligible sites) to meet in groups. Bring a friend for support. Whether you’re paying or using free options, make the most of your dating options.

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