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Single Parent Meet Review

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Meet Other Single Parents

For childless Twitter users on Sept. 7, it may have been peculiar to see “0 kids” and “zero kids” trending on Twitter. For that crowd, it’s pretty difficult to find a significant other who doesn’t already have children or hasn’t marked “wants kids” on a dating profile.

So you would think single parents would have a mountain of options to choose from. However, single mothers and fathers alike know just how tough it is to find dates.

But in this Single Parent Meet Review, here is your chance to skip past the sometimes uncomfortable part of the first date (or second or third) to tell the person sitting across from you that you have a child. Some parents choose to warn people ahead of time.

If you don’t like kids or understand that the two are a duo deal, then those single parents have neither the time nor the patience to hope you get on board. Then there are parents who would prefer to test the waters first, deciding whether they even like you enough to bother sharing this information.

However, on this dating site, there’s no need to figure out which group you’re in. Any user here is aware that they’re either going to end up dating a single parent or are a single parent already and looking to find someone else who has this in common.

Single Parent Meet Review


Overall the Single Parent Meet site is similar to other sites. You can choose between two users, and that immediately sends a “flirt” to that user. You can also choose the “I’m Interested” option to check people out one-by-one, and scope out who is “Available to Chat” when you log in.

The site is pretty intuitive to use. Obviously paying for communication, creating a full profile and being able to message users gives you more opportunities to take advantage of the site though.

Key Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, for those with a Love Language for “Receiving Gifts,” sending someone a token gift will certainly get their attention. Just be careful not to send out too many. Otherwise, it will seem ingenuine.

You can also browse through individual profiles to review users’ occupations, ethnicity, political affiliation, zodiac sign, education level, how many children they have, what their relationship expectations are, smoking habits, body type and pets.

If you spend a lot of time wondering what in the world to say to all of these strangers, when you edit your profile, the conversation prompts can assist where needed.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

The beauty of the Internet is you have the option to pick and choose as you wish. Maybe you’re looking for someone in another state because you started a new job or plan to move closer to distant family. Or, maybe you’re looking for someone in your own city so you two can have playdates galore. Because it’s not just you involved in this dating game, choose your dating locations carefully.

The drop-down menu asking “Where I Grew Up?” allows users to share their worldwide experiences. Just because they’re in your ZIP code does not mean they didn’t spend their school days on the other side of the world.

Sign-Up Process

When you first log into the site, it asks the usual questions: first name, email address, ZIP code, profile photo and if you want to subscribe. Pay attention to the “Skip This” area if you want to see what the site offers before paying.

Communication Options

In addition to live chat and messaging systems, there are prompts to get the conversation going. Some of the suggested starter questions are awkward though. For example, “Do you like to stay in shape?” is a weird one to begin with.

Profiles that self-proclaim themselves as “athletic” will find this question peculiar and will immediately notify them that you didn’t bother to read their profile. For users who are less active, this could lean toward fat-shaming.

Be careful with this one. Some will be ecstatic to share their schedules pumping iron all day and nonstop visits to yoga and pilates; others would prefer you not ask.

Movies, outdoors, goals, strange or hidden talents, and “five favorite things” questions are way safer. It may help to start off with something that is already on their profiles though, particularly because it will let them know you read it.

Meet Other Single Parents

Pricing & Membership Options

If you’re ready to dive in and start buying tokens and sending messages, there’s a price for that. A six-month membership is $7.64 per month ($45.85 flat). For a three-month membership, it’s $13.02 per month ($39.07 flat). And for a one-month membership, it’s $16.99.

The “Special Offer” to make your profile stand out, with a different color background, is also an option for the six-month membership.

Safety & Security

If you’re fed up with creepers who join the site just to see you but you cannot see them, you’re in luck on this site. Until this person adds a photo, they’ll be invisible during your browsing term.

Unfortunately, there is no immediate option to block photoless accounts from viewing you. But once you pay, you can send and receive messages; see members who have flirted with you; see members who have favorited you; and chat with members online in real time.

Pros & Cons

Couple smiling“Today’s Matches” lets you see who has joined just like you. What are the odds that someone else who is new to the site may be just the person you’re looking for? There are also a few other perks of this website that helps with interactions.

You can use tokens (20 total) to put yourself at the top of search results and attract more attention to your profile.

There are also options to send virtual gifts such as a rose (10 tokens), stuffed bear (20 tokens), bouquet of roses (50 tokens), necklace (75 tokens), pocketknife (15 tokens), video game controller (30 tokens), golf clubs (60 tokens) and watch (75 tokens).

Tokens come in bundles with $0.99 (25 tokens), $3.99 (110 tokens) and $9.99 (280 tokens). The site accepts all major credit cards on its secure site. While most of these gifts are either sweet or practical, it’s fairly reasonable to believe that some users would scratch their heads at the sight of a pocket knife gift.

There are also token options to notify you when a special someone is online. Normally this would be creepy to have someone waiting on you to log in. However, the website does notify that person that you are “waiting” on them and will do so for the next seven days. So if this becomes uncomfortable, you can always block this user’s profile.

Bottom Line

Whether things didn’t work out with your child’s parent and you became single, you started off wanting to be a parent first without the significant other, you’re married or widowed, or you just really want to see what’s out there if you were to become a parent, this is a great way to find like-minded users.

As with all dating sites though, you still have to put your foot to the pedal and make it work. If someone contacts you and you’re interested, don’t waste a lot of time getting back.

If someone contacts you and you’re not interested, let them down easy or make it known you’re not interested (a block maybe?) so they can move on with their search. But just don’t let your account go stagnant when you’ve paid to have every opportunity to find someone new.

What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work out with one, there are hundreds more out there. And you already know they like children so that’s a plus from the very beginning. Enjoy the dating parenthood life!

Meet Other Single Parents

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