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Meet Other Singles Near You

You’re all set to join the online dating club and want to know what there is to offer in this Review. If you’ve joined other online dating sites where you choose who you like and don’t like and answer a few personality tests, chances are this one won’t be that different.

The personality queries at the beginning are the most interesting part of this site. The four-part score card will confirm whether you are a Builder, Negotiator, Director or Explorer. Use these descriptions to either find matches that mirror the type of person you’re interested in dating or look for someone who is more like the person you’d want to be.

After you’re done with the test, you’ll get an email that will give you a general overview of how views your personality. Review Homepage

Right after the personality test, you can immediately click around to respond to whether someone is a match for you or not. Just choose a simple “yes” or “no,” and the algorithms will take note of your responses to more closely find someone that is up your dating alley.

Key Features

Suscriber Today Chemistry

“Would you buy a used car from these people?” “Do you think their smiles are real or phony?” This is an intriguing question during the startup process that may either make you reevaluate your own prejudices (i.e. sexism, racism, ageism) and find out how your potential partners view them as well.

While there’s nothing wrong with the usual questions about wanting children, smoking habits, religion, and where you live, this “chemistry” site is literally trying to find out how much chemistry you two would have when out and about.

Do you want to see where you two are in alignment? Take note of the (summarized and edited) personality descriptions:

  • Builders are considered popular, trustworthy, and dependable. People like them for being stable, loyal, and caring. They have a knack for common sense.
  • Negotiators are interested in the big picture. They like to examine large, ambiguous issues and ideas. They weigh all of the variables involved to come up with imaginative solutions.
  • Directors are analytical and independent thinkers with a deep interest in how the world works. They quickly grasp patterns and see many sides of any complex issue.
  • Explorers have a great deal of energy and vitality. They are curious, creative, and resilient. They find pleasure in doing and thinking about all sorts of things.

Now if you read those responses above and automatically think you know exactly who you are, this is a chance for you to see if the personality quiz agrees with you.

Are you not really that big on personality questions? No sweat. You can skip it all (after the registration process) and just choose who you like between two people. If neither one is someone you want to “flirt” with, just click “Skip.”

However, if you need to get a closer glimpse, even as a free member, you can check out the profile to see more photographs and find out more about the person to avoid just flirting with someone based on physical appearance alone.

Sign-Up Process

This questionnaire starts off asking the usual questions (i.e. first name, email address, ZIP code) and then makes you pay quite a bit of attention to your right hand, trying to match up the size of your index finger to your middle finger and ring finger.

Expect to answer more startup questions about new adventures, risky behavior, doodles at airports, etc. to get your account to open. Expect this to feel monotonous. Who brainstorms on airport boredom doodles, and how does this particular personality test help you to find a match? Stick it out.

It may seem pointless, but the goal here is to see whether your answers match those of potential partners. After answering all these questions (about varying shapes, moods, attitudes toward others), there’s still the usual reminder that profiles with photos are 10 times more likely to get responses.

Communication Options

Subscribers can see who is interested in them, get enhanced and search options, have instant messenger chats, and send and receive emails.

Meet Other Singles Near You

Pricing & Membership Options

For six months, that’s $6.49 per month (or $38.94 plus tax), $8.99 per month for three months (or $26.97 plus tax) and $13.99 (plus tax) for one month. With a subscription, you can see all of your favorites, photo likes and flirts.

Safety & Security

Security Chemistry

As with most online dating sites, there is no criminal background check conducted. Otherwise people would have to pay for those in advance, and right now, there are free and paid options. The site isn’t always the greatest at filtering though.

In the first five options to find out which person was more your type, a woman was labeled as a man for “Women Seeking Men.” Their moderators may get around to fixing this, or you may have to do some additional filtering for user errors.

The photos sometimes leave much to be desired, too. For example, in a casual browse, one guy just had photographs of the waves in his hair. Moderators could do a better job of showing people examples of headshots, in addition to their already-provided examples of what written words should be put in profile intros.

Pros & Cons

Couple behind bouquet of flowers

As mentioned in the intro, the “chemistry” part of this site may be confusing at first. Instead of highlighting your personality answers, it takes you to the same kind of dating site you’re used to seeing.

There are thoughtful questions that would make the average user think this site is going to take a deeper dive into who you’re interested in.

But after you answer the questions, it’s the same “do you like?” image search you can find on any site. You can’t initially see their personality answers on the profiles, or yours. You’re left with general questions about keeping in shape, and whether you like the outdoors or traveling?

If you really want to make the most use of this site, you’ll take note of some of the initial startup questions and use those as initial message questions. Go straight to your profile and focus on the personality test assessment instead of just passing and liking, something you could probably do on any social media website.

You may find that your conversations with new users will be far more fascinating if you two can discuss something other than what is found on every other dating site. This is one of the biggest perks of It allows you the opportunity to decide whether you have chemistry with other users by simply evaluating your own choices.

Bottom Line

On the surface, this “chemistry” angle for probably feels no different than any other corporate personality test you would take or even an astrology rundown. But if you are someone who is really interested in personality tests or zodiac signs, this is the kind of site you want to be on.

Stick to talking to people who are also as interested in the results as you are. You will be able to have better conversations about past and future decisions regarding socialization on dates, work, and life.

Although it’s peculiar that doesn’t push this more as a marketing tool (outside of the email rundown and a personality test option in “profile,” it can definitely work to your advantage. After all, there are only so many ways you can gush about how much you like to travel, want to get married, and have no/five kids.

When you join an online dating site like this one, this is your opportunity to get your money’s worth for a subscription and figure out how to make it work to your advantage. This is not a site that is recommended to use for the free option—especially if you’re looking for “chemistry” in your match-ups.

Meet Other Singles Near You

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