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Turn Offs for Men

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Men are portrayed in society to be tough at heart and less sensitive than women. This sentiment leaves many women shocked when they are told that men also get turned off by specific actions they do not find appalling.

Some of the top turnoffs for men will be examined in this article to know how to act around your man or a potential partner. Suppose you regularly take actions that turn a man off. In that case, whatever relationship between the two of you will be at the risk of dying.

Men do not stay in environments that they find harmful for too long. They will end things and may never even tell you why.

Men’s habit of leaving relationships quietly most of the time is why you need to read every word in this article religiously because you might never be let in on what it is you are doing wrong until it is too late. There is a high probability that you will repeat the same actions with someone else.

They would also judge you within themselves and leave. This could cause you to panic about yourself and your ability to be in relationships which is an unhealthy thing to do for your love life and mental health.

Turn Offs for Men

What are guys’ biggest turnoffs?

Several things turn guys off and in different situations too. This is why this section will have different situations and the things that turn guys off listed alongside them.

In Public Spaces

This section refers to things women can do that might turn a guy off in a public place. Knowing men’s turnoffs in a public place is necessary because men have big egos. Anything that turns them off in public is usually embarrassing. Nothing spells a relationship’s end clearer than when a man keeps getting embarrassed in it.

Talking too much

DateTalking too much is exhausting to people generally but mostly for men (some men). You have to find out if your man is big on conversations first to control how much you talk. In actuality, some men can cope with women who talk a lot in public.

One thing that turns them off completely is when a woman talks about herself so much that she never even lets them get a word in.


When a woman continuously has something wrong to say about everyone in her life or has met, it is a turnoff for men. It is worse when he can’t go to a restaurant with you without having to put up with your opinions on the food and the quality of the restaurant or how bad you find the service.

One time is just you being attentive to detail, two times is alright, some guys would find no issues the third time, but more times than that and many men will go off.


Couple TeasingWhile teasing can be fun, it can be a turnoff for men if not done correctly. To tease your man in front of other people, you have to read the room.

If you are out with some of his closest friends, teasing him might not be so bad.

In general, understand how your man feels about getting teased before teasing him in public about anything.

Being on your phone all the time

This one is a turnoff for most people, not just men. Being engrossed continuously with your phone depicts you as a superficial person who has no control of herself and probably suffers from social media-related mental illnesses.

It would help if you got off your phone when you are around to show you care about the person sitting next to you.

Mimicking a baby

Few men find this annoying and a turnoff, but some people do find it off-putting. They find it annoying, most especially when they are serious about a subject. You keep replying to them in a baby tone. It shows you have no respect for them and whatever is irking them.

In Bed

Your bedroom should be a place where you both relax and have fun. It shouldn’t be a place where you both are always quarreling with each other. Below is a list of things you could do in the bedroom that would make it less desirable for you and your man.

Playing dead

SexDuring sex, sleeping like a log of wood is a total turnoff for most men.

It is a telling sign that they aren’t performing well or that you aren’t into them.

Worse still, they could assume you are getting it somewhere else, and accusations like these are the culprit for most messy breakups between partners.

You should let your partner know when you are not in the mood to be sexual with them, and this will help you avoid negative situations that could arise from having to play dead.

Overenthusiasm during sex

The opposite of playing dead is trying too hard. Moaning too hard or doing any other cringe activities during sex is a massive turnoff for men. It comes across as if you are faking it, which sends them a signal that they are terrible and you are just trying to make them not feel bad. Telling a man he is awful is better than lying to him that he isn’t.

Leaving him to initiate intimacy

Sexy womanMen find it sexy when women initiate intimacy. The narrative is that men are always in need of sex, and women could care less.

When you begin intimacy, it makes men think they are so good you are doing the one thing women do not do, which is ask for sex.

Do this. You may see him increase his performance levels during coitus.

Kissing with your lips closed

If you do not like a man or are not ready for it, do not even let them kiss you. Sealing your lips for a kiss is such a turnoff for men that they may leave right after.

Manhandling him during sex

Firstly, you should speak with your partner to get a sense of how dominant they like to be during sex. If you maltreat a man during sex, it turns them off. Also, rough handling their genitals, as much as it shows enthusiasm, can turn them off.



When you get jealous of every female friend he has or love interest he had before you, it turns him off. The problem of this is that it reeks of insecurity. Showing him that you are that insecure tells him you will want to know every woman he speaks with, which shows you lack trust.


Paranoia This still borders around the topic of insecurity.

Always trying to look through his phone to catch him doing something you think he shouldn’t is a turnoff.

It implies that you do not believe he is responsible enough to keep it in his pants for your relationship’s sake.

How do you tell if you turn a man on?

  • He casually makes physical contact with you, even in public spaces. It could be a slight dab on your wrist or holding your hands.
  • He stares deeply into your eyes whenever he is around you. You can tell that the gaze is different.
  • He takes extra care of his appearance around you.
  • At any chance he gets, he becomes flirty with you.
  • His register changes profoundly whenever he is around you.
  • He stares at your body.

Bottom Line

As much as the contrary seems to be the truth, men are sensitive beings. They can get hurt by actions and words as much as women can get hurt by those things too.

Doing something that pricks their sensitivity can cause them to be turned off and withdraw away from you. You should know that there are different ways and places in which various actions can turn men off. You can do things as a woman that can hurt them in public space or the privacy of the bedroom.

As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid doing things that could hurt their ego in public areas, and you should be okay. This does not mean you should cater to adverse ego-driven decisions.

As much as men can be sensitive, they can also be insensitive to other people’s feelings because of their egos. You should also remember that each man is not a copy of the previous. There are peculiarities that you need to be aware of in your own man.

Your man may not be turned off by all the things listed out, but it should guide you in acting towards your man in the early stage of the relationship as you get to know him better.

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