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Third Date Ideas – Guaranteed For Success

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To set yourself up for success during a date, there are several things you are supposed to do — look good and smell nice by cleaning up, don’t keep your date waiting, hold an engaging conversation with your date, etc.

If things work out well on the first date, there is always a clear sign that things went well. Your sign could be a goodnight’s kiss, it could even be as wild as a first-date hookup, or they could request to go on another date with you.

However, when things progress past the first date, and you still feel a reluctance on your side whether you want this person or not, you should not beat yourself up about it. On the second date, this uncertainty should clear up, and you should be able to confidently say whether you are interested in this person or not.

However, you shouldn’t put yourself under pressure to get all the answers you need on the second date because if what you feel for each other is strong, there is always the third date.

A third date is an important one. It would help if you had a lot of third-date ideas to be able to nail it. By the end of the third date, you should have most of your doubts cleared, and this article is here to help you navigate the third date successfully.

Third Date Ideas – For Success

What’s a Good Idea For a Third Date?

To make the third date go as smoothly as possible, you have to create an atmosphere that works for both of you. Suppose you’ve tried out fun ideas for the previous first and second dates with your match on eharmony. In that case, you could do something a bit more serious and intimate for the third date, or you could just stick to fun.

You just have to ensure that wherever you go, there should be a private space for you both to have a conversation. Here are some third date ideas for you to try:

1. Home Cooked Dinner

Home Cooked DinnerDo you consider yourself as good as Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen when you really try? For the third date, skip out on all the fancy restaurants in the city and blow up your date’s mind by making either their favorite meal at home or something you think they would love if they tried it. You could add some spice to things by having them over and watching you cook them a meal with a wine glass in hand while some classic tune plays in the background.

This moment is great for conversations. You can talk about serious things while waiting for a part of the meal to cook or any other time. If you both do not know how to cook, that should not be a barrier.

You both can look through a cookbook and pick out something easy to try. You would be learning something together which has a great feeling to it, and you can both make fun of each other if the food turns out terrible.

2. Movies

Movies TogetherYou may have heard several people talk about how going to the movies for a date is so cliche and shows a lack of effort. While this is true, you should know it only applies to the first and second dates – it feels cliche and lazy on your part. For the third date, you can both go to the movies. At that point, you’ve been creative enough with the first and second date, and you get a pass for movie night as the third date.

You get a pass because, as regular couples, you will both go to the movies a lot, and you might as well start vetting each other’s taste in movies on the third date. Also, movie theatres do not put you under a lot of pressure, and you can cozy up to each other safely and away from strange gazes.

3. Take a Class Together

Couple YogaIf you feel you both have talked enough on the first and second dates, taking a class might be the way you want to go for the third date and learn some more about one another and not just from their cupid profile. A class helps you both spend time together without being in each other’s faces. There are other people there, and a class is ongoing, so you do not need to speak to each other. Nobody has to impress the other or make jokes.

Taking a class together is one way you can create memories you will cherish, whether it works out in the end or it does not. You can also help each other pick up on things quickly when one person is finding it difficult.

The classes you can take together include:

  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Yoga
  • Skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Salsa

What Is The Third Date Rule?

The third date rule means both parties should wait until the third date before sleeping with one another because it associates sex with the third date.

But on Mexican cupid many confess they didn’t wait at all.

It also puts it out that there should be sexual intercourse or some form of sexual interaction on the third date.

If you are both comfortable with one another enough to do it, you are supposed to take that as a sign that the relationship is going well.

People follow the third date rule for various reasons. Some do it to set boundaries because some people have sex on the first date and dash, reducing the connection you thought you had to just a fling. Traditionally, it is targeted at women to show that they are not easy.

Is a Third Date Serious?

Generally, a third date is considered serious. You have seen each other twice. If you both decide it is worth it to see again, then you both enjoy each other’s company, and you have to begin to tell yourselves that ‘Woah, I think I might like this person.’

You and your date can only answer this question. Both of your attitudes to each other on the third date determine if it is serious or if you would need more dates to conclude. Sometimes, one party takes the third date seriously, and it is not that big of a deal to the other party.

You have to look out for the signs they give off to tell if they are taking this as seriously as you are. If you are the person who is not taking it seriously, reflect on why you are not taking the third date seriously.

If you feel it is not your fault and it is theirs, speak to them about it and let them know if they need to do something differently.

Are Three Dates a Good Sign?

Couple in loveIt all depends on the energy you are getting from them.  Humans will always let you know what they think of you through their actions, but sometimes your affection blinds you to these signs. Going on three dates could mean they enjoy your company or third date is just an excuse to see you again. They may not be inviting you over probably because they are not comfortable spending hours with you in a private space.

It could mean they are still trying to make up their mind if they like you and a third date. Are you getting another chance to hit home this time?

So, at the end of the day, you have to be watchful for the signs they give out and decide if your time is being wasted or if they are encouraging enough to go on another date with them. Is it a good sign? The energy will tell.

Bottom Line

No matter how well you think you have done on the first date and the second date in terms of picking an activity and choosing a place to go to, the third date is just as serious, and you should not become complacent.

It can all go south on the third date because your date might still be undecided about being with you and the interview stage is not over. Other times, a third date can be taken as a good sign because it can also spell that they enjoy your company.

Suppose you have any doubts about going into a relationship with them. In that case, the third date is an excellent time to clear out any doubts by asking the questions you need to be answered by them.

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