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Love and Seek Review

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Meet christian singles near you

Politics and religion are two topics that are constantly getting mixed results. But just as those who are highly political and adamant about voting will more than likely want to meet someone else who is just as active, religious people are usually more passionate about finding a like-minded person, too.

For some online dating users, someone being agnostic or atheist or another religion is no big deal. They won’t read this Love and Seek review; they can take or leave the religious outlook. But for a Christian who holds spirituality and God deeply close to their hearts, it is not only a relief but a major pull to find someone who is also a Christian single.

Every Love and Seek single may not be someone who goes to church every single day or reads the bible multiple times per day. But they are a crowd who genuinely wants to meet someone who enjoys speaking about religion as much (if not more) than they do.

Love and Seek Review


Website Overview

With the intention of bringing Christian single men and women together, this site gets past the deal-breaking question, “Do you believe in God?” If you’re on here, you already do and you’re proud of it, too. Love and Seek users can then take advantage of all the usual online dating perks—sending “flirts,” messages, live chats, picture browsing, and sharing interests.

Key Features

Christian coupleIf you like browsing through photos, this is a great site for you. Not only can you pick and choose between individual profiles, but you can also choose between two. Keep in mind that when you’re browsing around looking for Christian singles, the person you choose between the two gets an automatic “flirt.”

So be ready to converse if they get the alerts, or “skip” if you cannot pick between the two.

If you’d rather get comfortable on the site first, focus on building your own profile to best represent you and read a few profiles. Otherwise, choose some people to talk to and enjoy the response (if you pay for a subscription).

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

Site users are only given a selection to choose from the United States or Canada, which may come in handy for users who are adamant about their potential significant others living close to them. Still though, state-to-state and country-to-country options are available for those looking to meet people from other places and are not opposed to long-distance relationships.

 Sign-Up Process

This site is pretty easy to sign into. You’ll just need to type in your first name, email address and a ZIP code. Although you can skip the step to add photos (with a warning that photos with profiles get 10x as much attention), the intro is required.

They’ll even give you examples of good intros for you to be inspired by. You can also skip the subscription option and immediately start browsing. Get creative with your answer to “The One I am Looking For” and “I’d Just Like to Add.”

Help potential significant others fully understand what you’re looking for so you can make sure the right people contact you. Considering this website’s matching system leaves much to be desired, your profile is the most useful way to avoid consistent mismatches.

To be fair though, that’s why most dating sites have “Reverse Match” options. Just because you may not initially think someone is your type, you may find that their opposite characteristics compliment yours. At least you two have spirituality in common, which is a big one to start off the discussion.

Communication Options


Conversing is limited without paying first. You can “choose” someone between two profiles and “flirt” as you wish. But sending messages and talking instantly is dependent upon payment. This means that if you do pay, you should make sure to take advantage of inbox messaging immediately.

Whether you want to see who is “flirting” with you or “flirt” with someone else, the most efficient way to enjoy the best of this site is to actually follow through once you two have liked each other.

Pricing & Membership Options

Pricing Love and Seek

In order to send a message and have more interaction with users, you must pay for a subscription. For six months, which includes full mobile access and a profile highlight, the price is $8.99 per month.

For a standard three-month subscription, which includes full mobile access, it’s $12.32 per month. For one month, the full-priced rate is $16.99. All payments are billed as one payment though, so don’t expect to be able to cancel on a month-to-month basis.

Meet christian singles near you

Safety & Security

While no-photo sites are a bit annoying if you’re as interested in aesthetics as you are personalities, the one downside of visible photos on a site like this is you may find yourself contacted by spammers or dishonest accounts.

Unfortunately, even on a site like Love and Seek, there will be account holders who create accounts just to try to take advantage of online users. Do not divulge too much information without knowing exactly who you’re talking to. This is when phone calls, virtual calls and in-person meetups are imperative.

Pros & Cons

CoupleConsidering the complexities of the LGBTQ+ community and religion, it may be disappointing to find that, unlike other dating sites that allow users to choose which gender they’re looking for, this one has only two options: “Man Seeking Women” and “Woman Seeking Men.”

Be careful with this website’s idea of a “match” though.

Without any information filled besides an email address, a birthdate and a ZIP code, it automatically sets up five or so matches for a new user.

Unlike other websites (i.e. OkCupid, eharmony) that match people up based on questionnaire answers, and immediately highlight what you all have in common, this one seems to be matching people based on demographics only.

On an up note, and unlike other websites, this one doesn’t hide photographs or intro messages or other common messaging options that will help you be able to do the matching yourself.

Bottom Line

So now that you know the basics of Love and Seek online Christian dating site, you want to know if this is a good site for you. No one can answer that question but you. If finding Christians automatically meant love connections, you could go into the nearest church (or even visit a church), and voila! Instant love connection.

Just as those who join Mexican Cupid to find Hispanic love connections or Swirlr for an interracial significant other, it takes more than just finding a site with the physical type of person you’re looking for or one trait.

It’s one of the reasons that your profile can make or break a future conversation. Yes, we know you love God. Otherwise you wouldn’t be on a site like Love and Seek.

But what else do you love? Do you want children? Do you want to be married? Are you an outdoor person or an indoor person? What are your views on politics and social justice? These may be topics you normally wouldn’t bring up on a first date, but online dating sites like these get you past the awkward questions early.

Why? This will save you and your potential dating partner a lot of wasted time. They’ll know exactly whether you’re the type of person that they want to continue talking to. So don’t be shy on your profile.

When you put in “What I’m Looking For,” be honest. Other users on Love and Seek dating site may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you’re describing them exactly (and not describing other users at all).

This is your time to figure out whether you want to continue to date the same people you were before you joined, or enjoy newer and more different options than you’ve had in person. Make the most of it.

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Meet christian singles near you

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