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Best Latin Dating Sites

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If you’re tired of looking for Latin men or women on mainstream online dating sites, you may want to check out these 10 sites that are specifically targeting this demographic.

Of course the best Latin Dating site for you may be any or all of these. Before you pay to play, you may want to sign up and see who is available first to get a feel for the site, with all its highs and lows.

Of course, you could always enjoy a niche channel like the Cupid Media network, which comprises 33 niche dating websites based on ethnicity, lifestyle preferences, religion and location.

When you join one, you can easily log into the others. (But beware that if you close a couple of accounts, the site will lock you out and you cannot get in again without uploading your license or other private identifying information.) Regardless of which one you choose, enjoy the search.

Best Latin Dating Sites

1. Meetville

Meetville frontpage site

If you have no idea what “Quick Reply” is, chances are other users won’t either. Instead of trying to respond to everyone individually, you can set up an auto-response. Or, you can cut straight to the fun browsing after entering a username and photos, and verifying your email address.

Expect to get messages almost immediately after joining. See who viewed you, liked you, favorited you, and more.

Pay $2.99 per week (for six months at a total of $79.99) to chat with other members for free or with a paid subscription, see who is interested in you, do an advanced search (body type, appearance, fellow Latinos), send unlimited likes and gifts, and rewind past actions in case you skipped someone by mistake.

For three months, pay $4.99 per week (at a total of $59.99). For one month, pay $9.99. But even as a free viewer, you can get a general overview of the user demographics, which are fairly diverse. If it’s not what you’re looking for, it’s easy to delete within one to two minutes.

2. Catholic Match

Catholic match home page

Approximately three out of five Latinos practice a Catholic religious affiliation. So you may find yourself with just as much luck on a religious-leaning site as you would on a race- and culture-based niche site.

Be prepared to answer questions like this though: “What diocese are you in?” and “Are you free to marry in the Catholic Church?” and “How often do you attend Mass?” Be prepared to answer honestly about heavier questions like contraception and your favorite saints, prayers, and devotions, as well as lightweight questions such as your favorite movies.

For 12 months, pay $9.99 per month. For six months, pay $14.99 per month. For one month, it’s $29.99. Once you pay for membership on the site, you can pay to interact on community forums, send unlimited messages and likes, get a message read indicator (for six or yearlong memberships only), use Emotigrams, and/or get priority support.

Join for FREE here.

3. Latin American Cupid

Although some niche sites just look carbon copies of others without particularly catering to the audience, this is not one of those sites—and neither are the social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Read our full Latin America Cupid review here. (If you don’t speak Spanish, this may become annoying fast though.)

As with all Cupid Media Network sites, there are various membership options. The standard (free) membership provides a “basic” match, the option to send interests and communicate with paying members.

With a platinum membership, all of the other options are available, plus the ability to communicate with all members via the messaging system and/or live chat.

Members can hide their profiles, view other profiles anonymously, rank above other members, double user profile space, utilize VIP profile highlighting and advanced matching algorithms, and translate messages into their preferred language.

Pay $12.50 per month (for 12 months, or $149.99 for a year), $23.33 per month for three months (or a one-time payment of $69.98), or $34.99 for one month.

And with the gold membership, you have most platinum options except for ranking above other members, doubling profile space, VIP profile highlighting, advanced matching algorithms, and message translations. Pay $10 per month (for 12 months, or $119.98 for a year), $20 per month for three months (or a one-time payment of $59.99), or $29.98 for a month.

Pay by credit card, Paysafe Card, Skrill, or a bank transfer. But be careful with canceling your membership. If you cancel more than one, the site will often lock you out and require a license or other form of legal IDs to prove you are not a “Catfish.”

4. Mexican Cupid

Mexican Cupid Homepage

Expect to pay the same price for the same perks and canceling regulations as Latin American Cupid as you would for Latin American Cupid.

Unlike Latin American Cupid’s social media channel, the Instagram page for Mexican Cupid has a better-balanced representation for male and female users. (The first site focuses on young, Latina women as opposed to a more balanced approach.)

This site shows pics of both genders and couples; this demographic also happens to be the most popular Hispanic demographic in the United States. (The Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter accounts don’t have much activity though, which differs from the activity level of Latin American Cupid.)

Both sites offer free users the option to send messages to paid members and the option to submit photos without verification, but it does confirm that it’s “100% sure that all members will be honest and truthful in their dealings with other members.”

5. Dominican Cupid

As the fifth most popular demographic for Hispanic groups in the United States, Dominican users probably won’t see as many immediate matches as on Mexican Cupid. However, this online dating site has 800K members.

You may want to check out the social media channels first to see what the demographics are. The Twitter account leaves much to be desired with less than 200 members although the account was started 10 years ago.

The Pinterest account isn’t much better with less than 20 pins and abandoned four years ago. Its Instagram account is an adorable mix of couples hugging, kissing, and posing, with messages like “Thank you for loving me” and “You are the only one my heart craves.”

Oddly, while browsing the homepage, the site breaks up “Ladies” from “Women,” so there are a few tech glitches to get past. But sifting through “Dominican Men” and “Single Western Men” is easy to do. The membership prices align with Latin American Cupid.

6. Colombian Cupid

As the eighth most popular demographic for Hispanic groups in the United States, this may be the site to go to in order to find a Colombian significant other. With more than 2 million members, you can connect with users locally or internationally.

This site also has the peculiar separation of “Colombian Women” and “Colombian Ladies,” but correctly separated “Colombian Men” from “Single Western Men.” Although the Twitter account isn’t as active as the Facebook and Instagram accounts, it’s advisable to join all of the above to get a feel for who is on the site before paying.

The rates for this site mirror that of Latin American Cupid.

7. Brazil Cupid

Brazil Cupid Homepage

Although this group is not as popular as others, Brazilians did start to migrate to the United States in the ‘80s. The largest population of Brazilians in the United States resides in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and California.

With more than 1.5 million members, this site is a perfect navigation spot to find single Brazilian men and women (and without the tech glitch from some Cupid Media navigation links regarding “Women” versus “Ladies”).

The Facebook and Instagram accounts are more active than Twitter, but all create interesting conversations. And if you’re looking for a fun date idea, the YouTube page mentions 5K people visit the Christ Redeemer statue daily. This is yet another reason why sites like Catholic Match come in handy for first-date ideas. If you’re sold on the site, the prices here mirror those on Latin American Cupid.

8. International Cupid

Whether you haven’t found luck on the sites above or want to expand your search, international cupid may put you in contact with other Latin demographics such as Puerto Ricans, Salvadorans, Cubans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Spaniards, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Venezuelans, and other groups.

With more than 2.5 million users, it certainly couldn’t hurt to join this site plus the others. You can review your matches for free, even if you choose to pay the membership prices mentioned in Latin American Cupid.

Although the Pinterest account isn’t particularly active, the YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are conversation starters.  Discuss everything from staying away from online scammers to your favorite emojis.

9. Latino People Meet

With members located in the United States and Canada, the sign-up process is fairly simple. Add your name, email address, ZIP code, and an (optional) photo to dive right into the site. View an enhanced search, instant messages, see who is interested in you, and send and receive messages.

Pay $6.49 per month for six months ($38.94), $8.99 per month for three months ($26.97), or $16.99 for one month. Without paying, you can still see profile pics and basic questions answered (number of children, smoking and drinking habits, astrology sign, body type, age).

You can even “Send a Flirt” without uploading a photo. But considering the attention is 10 times better from profiles with pics, it won’t do you much good without it. You can also sort through users who do not have photos, as well as other profile choices.

10. Amo Latina

Amo Latina Homepage

If you are fed up with anonymous accounts, this one may be the best way to go considering all members are confirmed by the staff to prove they are real people. Sign up via Google accounts or a non-Gmail address. For 150 credits per month, pay $19.99. For 600 credits per month, pay $149.99. For 1,500 credits per month, pay $299.99.

Use major credit cards or PayPal to pay for your activities. Unlike other sites that group everything together, you can choose the kind of activities that fit you best. Be careful though because you may end up blocking spam auto-chats like this one: “I invite you to see the stars while I conquer your heart, do you dare?”

A Basic Chat costs 1 сredit per minute. One-Way Video Chat costs 4 credits per minute. Two-Way Video Chat costs 6 credits per minute. Offline Message sending costs 1 credit per message (with a 160-symbol limit). Mobile App Message sending costs 1 credit per message (with a 160-symbol limit). Email costs 10 credits each.

Sending/viewing photos or videos costs 15 credits each. Sending stickers costs 5 credits each. Sending animated smileys costs 1 credits each. Sending gifts in Live Video costs from 5 to 1000 credits each. Sending personal messages in Live Video costs 1 credits each. Viewing profile videos cost 10 credits each. Let’s Mingle costs 5 credits per use.

Bottom Line

Are you getting the impression that Cupid Media Network is the way to go with Latino dating? It is and it isn’t. Niche sites will always lure in those who want to avoid sifting through other sites. However, it may also lead to more users who want to date someone of that niche than the people on the site.

If you find yourself seeing this pattern on one site—and would rather see more Latino men and women—consider more general sites like Meetville or more focused cultural topics like Catholic Match to narrow your deal-breakers down. Good luck!

Visit the Perfect DM Homepage for more expert platform reviews and advice.

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