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Best Senior Dating Sites

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Guess who is most likely to say they don’t use the Internet between people ages 18-29, 30-49, 50-64, or 65 and up? If you’ve guessed someone within the last two age ranks, you’d be right, according to a Pew Research poll.

So it may seem particularly interesting to hear from Elite Singles that it may be one of the best senior dating sites. But why? It turns out American seniors are one of the United States’ fastest-growing demographics.

In senior age groups, people are often married so it’s more difficult to find in-person dates. But with senior online dating sites, they can take the guessing game out of wondering who is available.

Maybe they’re divorced or widowed or never married. Either way, it goes, single seniors can reach an audience in their age group and beyond. See below for the 11 best sites to check out.

Best Senior Dating Sites

1. Senior Match

Senior Match self-proclaims to have more than 1.3 senior singles who are over the age of 50. The senior online dating site also has more than 6K daily active members, 1.6 million monthly conversations, and 36.6K success stories.

However, if you want to see what the site has to offer before payment, Senior Match may not be the first site to go to. Without payment, you can only peruse the site to see other users’ favorites and who winked at you.

However, photo requests, private album requests/access, answering questions, and seeing who has viewed you are all on a paying basis. Sign up via Facebook or via your traditional email address. Once you’re in, use “Spark” if you want to help the site get an idea of who you find attractive.

Unlike some sites that allow promotions, commercial solicitations (including web URLs) are banned. And if you’re a writer, you can submit a blog for review (or just browse through the blogs that were written by other users to see who you want to know more about).

If you really want to get someone’s attention, make sure to leave a blog comment, too. Initial discount payment plans are $19.98 per month for three months ($59.95) with one month “free,” $1 per day ($29.95) for one month with 10 days “free,” or $15.99 per month for six months ($95.95) with two months “free.”

2. Date My Age

Launched in 1993, DateMyAge may not be as popular as some other sites, but it covers more than 32 countries, including Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Date locally or see what else is out there in a different state or country. Free members and paid members can connect worldwide. If you’re more of a hesitant online user, you may appreciate patent-pending icebreaker tools such as “Let’s Mingle” and “Boost” that encourage members to engage.

The payment works on a point basis: $19.99 for 150 credits per month, $149.99 for 600 credits per month, and $299.99 for 1,500 credits per month. Make payments via PayPal or all major credit cards. Keep in mind that once the promotional $19.99 initial charge ends, the site will auto-charge the regular rate of $49.99 by month two.

Members also have the option to pay for services like e-letters, chats, and video interactions. With security as a top priority, the website calls itself a “leading anti-scam system in the industry.”

All members are confirmed by staff to prove that they are real people. If you’ve already signed up with sister sites like Travel Mates, it will remember your choices when it comes to interests, location, and what you’re looking for.

3. Age Match

Homepage - AgeMatch

Are you worried about a secure way to date online? Age Match makes sure that you agree to the Privacy Policy and Service Agreement beforehand. Add your name, email address, up to 20 photos, and a bio about yourself. You can also take the guessing game out of what you’re interested in doing.

ON this site, you can pick conversation starters for “Food and Drink,” “Arts and Culture,” “Out and About” and “Date Ideas by Age.” You can also send messages, “say hello” and send a “Spark” with the three-day free trial.

This will help you see who is willing to bite, whether they are premium members or free-trial members. But in order to send messages after the trial period, free users have to wait until someone reaches out to them. Or, pay for a premium membership to contact all users via the messaging system.

Premium membership costs $29.95 per month, $19.95 per month for three months, or $15.95 per month for six months. Apple users, the app option is not currently available, but both Android and iPhone users can browse away on the traditional website. Browse through private albums (with other users’ permission) and create your own.

4. Silver Singles

Get comfortable and ready to answer some questions before you join Silver Singles.

Which season inspires you the most? How satisfied are you with your looks? Do you prefer a rural town or big cities? By the time you’re done with this personality quiz, it will tell you how it feels about you, including whether you are habitual or inventive, easygoing or disciplined, introverted or extroverted, cautious or compassionate, or emotionally stable or sensitive.

So who else can find out? There are users from more than 20 countries and more than 381,000 new members per month. The website claims that it has led to 2,000 new couples per month. More than 80 percent have an academic degree, and more than one-third are over 50 years old.

If you want to see what other users’ results are, you are a bit limited unless you pay for packages: $11.95 per month for 12 months, $13.95 for six months, or $22.95 for three months. You can also get up to 20 extra wild match cards per day.

All of the profiles are blurred before you pay, but if you’re bigger on personalities than looks, this will be a great way to test that theory. Expect a ridiculous amount of emails and auto-opt-ins from their mailing list even without paying though.

5. Our Time

Our Time - Homepage

Find a senior love interest in either the United States or Canada after joining Our Time. The initial questions are the usual suspects, but some are fun like, “What is your drink of choice?” and “What is your first car?” and “Which do you prefer? Balcony or Porch.”

Be careful about answering some of these questions (like your first car) because that’s often a security question. By subscribing, you can use enhanced searches and matches, instant messages, sending and receiving messages, and seeing who is interested in you.

Unfortunately, the site appears to be having technical glitches when it comes to phone number verification, so you may or may not be able to get around it. If you can, enjoy seven days of free membership before paying an estimated range of $29 for a month or $90 for a six-month membership.

You can see photos to message users, along with many previews of their profiles (i.e. number of children, hair and eye color, occupation, and what they’re looking for. Even in free mode, you can “like” users to get their attention. But due to tech issues related to two-step verification, expect this site to be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

6. Match Seniors

Meet singles who are 50 and up on Match Seniors, which is just an extension of Match.com. After the first couple of questions, it will automatically direct to the more popular online dating site.

While you can join the site for free, you won’t be able to interact with members or properly filter people with a free membership. With it, you can see, send and respond to messages; see who has viewed your profile; see who has liked your profile; remove members from view, and stand out with a “Super Like.”

Standard plans are $19.99 per month for a year (total of $239.88), $21.99 per month for six months (total of $131.94), and $33.99 for three months (total of $101.97).

Premium plans (one profile review annually, message read alerts, monthly boosts) are slightly higher at $20.99 per month for a year (total of $251.88), $22.99 per month for six months (total of $137.94), and $38.99 for three months (total of $116.97).

With a free membership, you can only search (public) profiles, receive top picks, create a profile, appear in search results, post photos and send likes.

7. 50 Plus Club

Whether you’re looking for friendship or friendship, this 50 Plus Club is exclusively for those over the age of 50. See which members are online and check out new users, too. Premium members pay $24.90 per month, $19.90 per month for three months ($59.70), $14.90 per month for six months ($89.40) or $12.90 per month for 12 months ($154.80).

Pay by credit card or PayPal. Send unlimited messages, live chat, and smile at other users with paid access. Even without it, you can still see their photos, but there’s not much else you can do.

If you’re a big reader, you may also be interested in the site’s magazine, which covers everything from cosmetic surgery and self-partnering to making your home safe and criticism versus complaints.

For users who simply aren’t sure who to like or respond to, leaving a comment at the bottom of magazine circles and/or liking them may help you narrow down who you want to talk to. Use a “liked” message as a conversation starter as opposed to the usual lines about “What is your ideal first date?” or “So what made you join this site?”

8. Love Begins At

OK, so we know that 40s are not seniors. However, for those who are more interested in dating men or women who are older than them (or those leaning more toward their latter 40s), this is an ideal place to go to find significant others in this age group.

Promote your account and use it as a promotional message upon joining with Love Begins At. You can also upload your photo to get matched with other attractive people, send five free daily intro messages and send free Flirtcasts.

Pay $0.99 per day, $1.05 per week ($7.35), $1 per day for one month ($28) or $0.73 for three months ($61.32). By paying, you get unlimited messages, “looking for” intros, larger-size photos, the ability to share photos and videos in chat, and have premium support.

Unlike other sites that are confined to the forums and help from other users, this one has a free helpline. You can also create a “Like” gallery so you know whose profile you want to revisit.

9. Just Senior Singles

Be careful with Just Senior Singles when you first sign up. You may think you’re signing up to verify your email, but there’s another line about receiving “email discounts” that is optional, not required.

Uncheck that if you don’t want extra emails, but make sure to check the box on the next screen regarding the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Depending on where you live, there may not be available singles in your area (of the 2 million members).

You will receive a message that says, “We’re sorry, but we do not allow registrations from your current location” if your location settings are turned on in your computer, regardless of not typing them during the sign-up period. (Note the “UK” redirect in the domain.)

Interestingly though, the main page does say that there are members in not just the United Kingdom, but also Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and/or the United States.

If you can get access, free members can create a profile, add a photo, search for people by county, create a favorites list and send unlimited winks. You can also choose to receive emails when someone winks at you, adds you as a favorite, and/or sends you a message.

10. Senior Black People Meet

If you have joined Black People Meet’s app, this is not the same site, although the domain name will make you feel it is (and you are welcome to search around on the app, too).

If you want to join a niche site dedicated to all seniors, this is one of a handful that is fighting the good fight to stay online. (Senior Jewish Singles is long gone.) Similar to Our Meet, with the same kind of annoying tech problems, this site has a similar photo, inbox, and messaging options. The rates are also $29 for a month or $90 for a six-month membership.

11. Elite Singles

Similar to Match.com, and just as popular, Elite Singles will not let you get very far without paying. Their rates are $11.95 to $22.95 per month to see the photos behind the personality rundowns.

But unlike Match, there is a mandatory personality test to further help you get to know other users besides obvious questions like eye and hair color, child preference, and location.

Bottom Line

While popular sites like Match and Elite are the usual places to go, don’t underestimate the rest of these 11. You may have to sift through seniors who want to date other seniors on the first two sites, but the remaining ones are looking for seniors to befriend, date, and be in long-term relationships and marry.

As you know by now, everyone your age doesn’t necessarily want to date someone of the same age. The summarized sites above help you get through the fluff and dive into the dating scene.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert reviews and dating information.

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