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Indonesian Cupid Review

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Meet Indonesian Singles

If you’re Indonesian and looking for love with someone else who is also Indonesian, this can either be pretty simple depending on the area where you reside. Or, it can feel like a never-ending search, hence the reason for this Indonesian Cupid Review.

According to Pew Social Trends, Indonesian populations (in 2015) were the largest in cities in California (Los Angeles and Riverside), along with New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, and Philadelphia. Interestingly, although Philadelphia had the smallest population then, by 2018, Vice labeled it “home to the second-largest Indonesian American population in the US.”

However, even if living in a city with a higher Indonesian population, there’s still the matter of getting past what every single person does: finding someone who is compatible. Indonesian Cupid is trying to make that goal a bit more reachable. Find out more about the site below.

Indonesian Cupid Review

Cupid Media network operates more than 30 niche dating sites, and this one is home to Indonesian singles who sign up each day. And according to the site, more than 2 million singles from Indonesia and across the world are ready to meet someone special.

This is one of those places where, if you tell someone where you’re from, they’ll probably know exactly where that is. Or, at least they’ll have heard of the location and are able to pronounce it.

Key Features

As with all the other Cupid sites, a profile heading, a short summary of yourself, and what you’re looking for in a partner are the top three things that are requested ahead of time.

While this may feel like it’s putting you on the spot, when joining these sites—especially if you’re paying for membership—you should have a general idea of what you are looking for and what you’re not looking for. Don’t be shy about letting other users know exactly who you’re intending to date. It’ll save you and them a lot of time.

Enjoy browsing features like who likes you, who has favorited you, who has viewed your profile, remind yourself of your own activity, your own likes and favorites, who you’ve viewed, and your blocked list.

If you have strong opinions about any of the following filtering questions, you can specify those too: Do they smoke? Do they drink? Willing to relocate. Marital Status. Do they have children? A number of children (or below). Youngest child (or above). Oldest child (or below).

Do they want (more) children? Occupation. Employment status. Income (or above). Living situation.

Where Are Users From?

Whether you’re in the United States and looking for someone in any of the 50 states or happily chatting away with Indonesian people in Malaysia, Australia, Iraq, Japan, or anywhere else in the world, this is a go-to site to find a new significant other.

If you live in a community where Indonesians are difficult to find, this is also another opportunity for you to search for them for friendship, romance, and/or anything in between.

Sign-Up Process

You can sign up by using your Facebook log-in, or simply using your first name and email address.

What makes this site stand out amongst other Cupid sites and the usual questions regarding dating specifications, eye color, hair color, amount of children, and other common questions, this one also highlights exactly how familiar you are with your Indonesian language ability.

Choose between none, some, good, very good, and/or fluent. Of course, for payment, you could always have the messages translated should you be interested in someone who is not as fluent as you are in your primary language.

Communication Options

If you pay, you can chat away with other paid members, send messages via the inbox system and/or translate messages in other languages.

Meet Indonesian Singles

Pricing & Membership Options

Indonesian Cupid Cost

Platinum membership is $10 per month for a year (or $119.98), $20 per month for three months (or $59.99) or $29.98 for one month. Gold membership is $8.33 per month for a year (or $99.98), $16.66 per month for three months (or $49.99) or $24.98. Make the payment using Skrill, PaySafe, major credit cards or a bank transfer.

For standard (free) membership, you will have the option to browse with a “basic” match, send interest, and communicate with paying members. With platinum membership, you have all of these options, plus the option to communicate with members via the messaging system and/or live chat.

Hide your profile, view other users anonymously, rank above other members, double your profile space, have VIP profile highlighting, have advanced matching algorithms and translate messages into your preferred language.

With gold membership, you have most of the platinum perks except for ranking above other members, doubling profile space, VIP profile highlighting, advanced matching algorithms, and message translations.

Safety & Security

As with any in-person date or an online date, there will be those who are not your favorite people to talk to. (In all fairness, everyone is someone’s favorite so don’t take it personally if you don’t hit it off with someone either.) Use the Block option if it starts to get out of control though.

Anyone with paid memberships can send you messages or potentially chat with you. However, you can decide who you want to converse with or not. Standard members can also communicate with paid members, too. Before sending messages, Cupid sites also remind you that they do not perform background checks ahead of time.

Pros & Cons

Indonesian Couple

Unlike some other popular dating sites, Cupid’s series will allow you to check out photographs and profiles ahead of time. This way you have an idea of whether it’s worth paying for. Choose the gender, age, country, city, state, and mileage. Keep in mind that you can only choose as close as 50 miles close to you. For those who are not a fan of long-distance relationships, this is probably a con.

But keep in mind that someone who is within 50 miles of you could easily be a block away. If you’re someone who is dedicated to sun sign compatibility, you will be especially appreciative of those who respond to the Zodiac sign question.

Are you more likely to pay attention to Chinese signs? Well, look no further. Dogs, dragons, hares, horses, monkeys, pigs, rams, rats, roosters, snakes, tigers, and an ox make their appearances, too.

Bottom Line

While you’re creating your profile and searching through others, there’s an interesting personality question to respond to: “How adaptive are you to having a partner from a different culture to your own?” This may seem like an odd question to ask when you’re already on an Indonesian dating website.

But as with any other group, you are not a monolith. Whether it’s due to location, upbringing, language, religion, or other cultural characteristics that distinguish you from the rest, this is a time when you can learn more about someone who is a mirror image of you.

Or, use this site to learn more about cultures unlike your own. Would it defeat the purpose to join an Indonesian Cupid site to date someone who is not Indonesian? That’s a completely personal decision.

While there will definitely be users who are looking for someone who is Indonesian, this is also a place where those who want to know more about Indonesian culture (or get to know Indonesian people romantically) can go to do so.

Just make sure you choose to talk to people who are interested in knowing you past the obvious traits. As with all Cupid sites, look out for those who fetishize versus those who appreciate and want to learn more about you.

Have a few conversations in real-time (video and live chat) and inbox messaging, and be ready (and willing) to meet your new “like” interest in the person. Even if you only know them onscreen, it’s important to see them in person, too.

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Meet Indonesian Singles

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