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Are you trying to reach you next vacation and want a travel buddy to hang out with? Are your own friends and family just not in a position to accompany you? In this Miss Travel Review, you’ll find out how to look for and confirm new travel buddies.

Whether you’re doing so to find a new friend to hang out with or a romantic partner, it is really up to you. Some travelers will have travel plans on their profile, and you two can work out the logistics. Others have no planned travel destinations but may be interested in yours.

As with all trips, there will be some people you want to trek around with and others you won’t. It’s a good idea to have a few conversations and maybe even a virtual meeting beforehand to get an idea of whether this is the best travel partner for you.

Unlike other group trips where you two can be on the same bus, boat or plane and go your separate ways, the idea here is to stay together. So if you want to take advantage of Miss Travel users, in a positive way of course, find adventurous users that you wholeheartedly believe you’ll want to hang out with more often.

Miss Travel Review

Miss Travel homepage

Website Overview

If you’re someone who loves to break out your vacation photo albums or show off every moment on social media, chances are you’ll want to date someone else who likes to travel.

With more than one million worldwide members, founder and CEO Brandon Wade’s Miss Travel is a place for frequent-flyer earners nationwide, worldwide and even road trippers—whether you’re allowed to travel right there right now or not.

Key Features

If you’re looking for the kind of site where you’re immediately picking and passing, this isn’t that kind of site. Once you’re able to log in, you can start creating trips though. Choose a destination, travel dates (and whether they’re flexible), who’s paying (you’ll pay, they’ll pay, split the cost), a description of the trip, and tags.

But let’s say you are more interested in mingling before plotting your next trip. Instead of just choosing random attractive people, the search option allows you to choose between “people” and “trips” and where you want to find these people.

Then you can choose between who is online right now and who has photos. Other options to narrow down include distance, age, ethnicity, height, body type, relationship status, smoking and drinking habits, and/or any “keyword search” you prefer.

Although this used to be an option before, MissTravel no longer offers the Frequent Flyer Mile gifting program. Each member is responsible for travel expenses in accessing the MissTravel site. Any plans involving travel will need to be coordinated between users via messaging and exchange of personal contact information.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for this site is fairly easy. If you’re thinking Miss Travel is solely for the misses of the world, it’s not. In addition to your name, email address, birthday, and location, you’ll choose whether you’re interested in dating men, women, or both.

Communication Options

If you want to narrow down who you want to learn more about, feel free to favorite people, see who favorited you and/or who has visited your page.

First-Class Dating

Pricing & Membership Options

Create a Trip Miss Travel

The billing process is oddly confusing when you first join. It takes a bit of scrambling around to understand how to pay or what premium membership offers. The goal is to assist members with choosing dates while traveling to luxurious hotels and fine dining spots, and other attractive travel destinations.

Is it a bit presumptuous to ask someone else to pay for your idea of a travel date? Sure. But considering first daters end up paying for movies, dinner, and events any other day, why would this be any different? Users can either travel for free with a wealthy companion or offer to treat someone along the way.

Safety & Security

Terms and Privacy Policy Miss Travel

Unlike some other online dating sites, this one requires you to verify and activate your email address from the sign-in process as opposed to a general welcome message. You also have to accept the “Terms of Use” from the log-in screen. Don’t just accept and close it.

You may want to read it first, so you can see what you’re getting into. If you don’t add photos or information to your account, be prepared to keep getting logged out though. This is not a site that will be particularly appealing for incognito users.

Pros & Cons

Travel Couple

For obvious reasons, this site can be a bit problematic when it comes to stalking and harassing. Who picks a stranger off the Internet to go flying around the world with and becomes an instant travel partner? The saying goes that you don’t know who someone is until you travel with him or her, or live with this person. So asking someone to pay for your trip and this user agreeing to it should be mildly suspicious.

But look at it another way. Group trips with strangers are planned constantly. Sometimes people bring a friend along, and other times they travel solo and befriend others along the way.

So should it be any different for those who are looking for romantic travel partners? Miss Travel clearly states that users should not be on this site “looking for sex.” The goal is to “create real relationships and friends. Don’t contact other members or use the site to find sexual partners.”

But the reality is when people travel romantically, they’re usually intimate, too. So unless you’re absolutely sure and honest with each other that intimacy is not required, this paid-for trip can get awkward pretty fast.

No matter what the Conduct Policy states about how users should act, there are only two people who will know exactly how this vacation goes and the site moderators are not following them around to make sure they follow all the rules.

This is one of the reasons that the moderators report that if users are making you uncomfortable before you even make the trip, take a step back. Do not ask for money to support or fund the trip. Referring members to paid accommodation services is also not allowed.

There are also no monetary rules in place to make sure that users agree to all terms and conditions for a planned trip. If a user backs out, it can be reported. Potentially this user’s profile can be deactivated or deleted.

But there are a number of reasons that the trip may fall through, and that may too often be left to misinterpretation or lack of interest in going to that destination anymore.

Bottom Line

Is this the site you want to go first to plan your next trip? It’s a mixed bag. The idea is not so foreign to solo travelers or group travelers. People who go on cruises or sit on Amtrak trains eat, sleep, dance, and relax next to strangers throughout their travels.

They are in confined spaces until they can physically go off to do their own thing. And on a cruise, there are only so many places you can go right in the middle of the water. So how does this really work for you? How do you get the best of the Miss Travel world without worrying about an unsafe travel partner?

First, know that there is no surefire way to ensure your safety with a stranger. Second, as with dating anyone else, get to know this person first. Don’t be in more of a rush to get out the door with a packed suitcase than you are to learn more about your dating partner.

Before you plan or take a trip, treat Miss Travel like any other dating site. Start small. See where initial meetings go. Then work from there to see if your trips can get bigger, better and fancier.

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First-Class Dating

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