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OkCupid vs. Bumble

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Homepage - OkCupid
Homepage - Bumble

Are you looking for love but finding it hard to meet the right person or anyone at all? It is easy to become excessively negative about dating when you are single, and your efforts are not fruitful. You can take numerous steps to turn your single life around, and one of such ways is via dating sites.

OkCupid vs. Bumble

Homepage - OkCupid

Dating sites are already an essential tool in the dating sphere and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. In this article, OkCupid vs. Bumble, two of the biggest dating sites will be assessed.

Homepage - Bumble

The human race is spending more time online, especially on social media, so it is right to assume dating sites will get even more significant.

Comparison of History

One of the crucial factors to consider when picking a dating app is longevity; how long they’ve existed as an institution. That is essential to determine the success rate of a platform. However, you should bear in mind that this is not a deal-breaker. If a dating platform was founded a week ago but provides quality service, one can take a gamble on it.

In terms of how long they’ve been around among both platforms, OkCupid comes out tops. The company has been around since the early days of social media giants like Facebook. Four students at Harvard launched OkCupid in 2004 after initially dabbling in the dating industry with initial creations like TheSpark.com and SparkNotes.

Lesbian CoupleDown the line in the company’s history, it would later get sold to The Match Group, the owners of similar dating apps like Match.com. Yearly, the company makes over $100M and is worth $3 billion.

Unlike OkCupid, Bumble does not have one of those heart-moving ‘started in a dorm room at Harvard’ stories that seem very common in the tech industry.

It does have an exciting story that would be a big sell at the cinemas. After Tinder’s co-founder fell out with its management, she left the company originally being done with the tech industry’s dating space. Another social media company owner convinced her to come back into the industry. In 2014 she got back into the dating scene to create Bumble.

3 years and a series of sister apps later, the company grew and now has a value of $3 billion, one hundred million dollars short of OkCupid’s valuation. In 2018, Bumble reported net revenue of $162 million.

Key Features of Both Websites

Features - Bumble

Unlike regular social media platforms, dating apps are more feature-rich. The most exciting features are usually pegged under a premium service that is separated into different price categories. You will find the essential features present on the average dating app on Bumble.

You can create a profile, get match suggestions, text your matches, and download the app for free without paying. Bumble has a swipe-based feature that lets you swipe right on anyone you like and left on people you do not.

Because users can sometimes swipe in error, there is a feature that brings back the last person you swiped off the screen. It works by shaking your phone, and you get three shakes every three hours.

Bumble works differently from other dating platforms. Its founder, Whitney Wolfe, claims the app is feminist in its approach to dating. Being a feminist app, women make the first contact in the case of heterosexual singles. This is a challenge to the heteronormative norms that plague heterosexual relationships.

DoubleTake Feature - OkCupidCompared to Bumble, OkCupid has both intersecting features and completely different ones. The free service lets you register an account, message other users when your profile has been correctly set up, and find matches.

Additionally, you can check other members’ profiles, use the primary search filter and use their swipe-dating system called Double Take.

OkCupid is one of the most progressive platforms in the dating space. They are some of the first platforms to offer users the choice of selecting one or more genders than the traditional male or female.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

Sign Up - Bumble

Bumble is all about getting you onto their platforms as quickly as possible. Signing up on Bumble takes between 1-2 minutes. There is also the option of creating an account via Facebook, which makes the process even faster. If you’ve provided detailed information about yourself on Facebook, Bumble imports it in and makes a profile out of it automatically.

okcupid Sign Up - Who are you looking for

The more information you supply on OkCupid when signing up, the higher your chance of finding a match; this is why signing up on OkCupid takes more time than on Bumble. It takes between 5-10 minutes to complete the sign-up process.

There is an option to register using Facebook, but you will still have to answer a questionnaire that asks for detailed information about you.

User Base

Both platforms operate globally and thus have a diverse race of people as members. Bumble has more users worldwide, with a diversely rich user base of close to 100 million people. OkCupid can only boast of half that figure.

Homepage - OkCupid
Homepage - Bumble

Ease of Use

Communicating - Bumble

Both websites’ design looks like they did it this century which is a good thing. Bumble’s site colors and interface are bee-inspired. The design of Bumble isn’t eye-catching, but it isn’t drab either.

Features app - OkCupid

OkCupid’s interface has a bit more pizzazz in its appearance. The site has subtle interactions that make it delightful to use. You can use OkCupid right in your browser or download the app on iOS and android. You can only use Bumble via the app, which is also available on android and iOS. However, there is no web version.

Being available for use on multiple platforms means OkCupid is the easiest to use of the two.

Success Rate

Comparing both platforms’ success rates using a percentage figure wouldn’t tell the complete story because both have an unequal user base. Both are successful, but from a user’s perspective, OkCupid’s questionnaire approach gives users a peek into a match’s persona before leaping to connect with them.


Prices - OkCupid


Basic Subscription
  • 1-Month at $7.95
  • 3-Months at $19.05
  • 6-Months at $23.70
Premium Subscription
  • 1-Month at $24.90
  • 3-Months at $68.70
  • 6-Months at $119.70
Boost Credit System
  • 1 credit at $1.99
  • 5 credits at $9.45
  • 10 credits at $16.90

Price - Bumble


BumbleBoost Subscription
  • 1 Week at $10.99
  • 1 Month at $24.99
Lifetime Subscription


Bumble Credits
  • 1 Coin at $1.99
  • 5 Coins at $8.99
  • 10 Coins at $14.99
  • 20 Coins at $24.99
  • 30 Coins at $37.99

Couple PlayingPros and Cons

Bumble Pros

  • Fast sign-up process
  • Less chance of getting unsolicited pictures

Bumble Cons

  • Members don’t have detailed profiles
  • It doesn’t have a web version

OkCupid Pros

  • Users’ have substantial information about themselves on their profile
  • Has a web version

OKCupid Cons

  • Slower sign-up process
  • Lower number of users

Bottom Line

Bumble’s feminist approach dramatically solves the problem of women getting unsolicited pictures and messages from men. If you want a women-first platform that challenges the current state of heterosexual relationships, Bumble is the go-to.

This is not to say OkCupid is not a progressive dating platform; in fact, it prides itself on its progressiveness. People with liberal views are going to feel very comfortable with OkCupid.

In all, both platforms are great, but Bumble’s lack of a web version is a disadvantage because, as a global app, there are countries where such apps are banned, and the web version is the only option users in such places have.

Homepage - OkCupid
Homepage - Bumble

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