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See the Fast Flirting Online Dating Site & Local Single Chat

Less is more with this Quick Flirt Review. While some sites require personality tests, mandatory salary and photo verification documents, paid membership to browse or send messages, and/or a laundry list of dating specifications to be able to even get to their own dating profile screen, Quick Flirt is pretty easy to navigate.

Sign up. Add a photo or update your profile by choice. Browse away, and send flirts as you like.

Quick Flirt Review

Quick Flirt homepage

Website Overview

Are you someone who really understands the art of flirting? Are you more likely to just send a random “Hi” message or to tell someone (s)he looks like a celebrity? If so, you’re probably in need of some online dating tips. Pick-up lines are a hate-to-love World that rarely works but may make a few laugh.

The Flirtcasts on this site do a better job of being flirty without being corny. The site even has a message that makes that point: “What do you think is a great way to start a conversation on here? Because I think I’ve run out of ideas for cheesy messages by now…”

You can choose to send the Flirtcasts out into the digital atmosphere and see who bites, or just copy flirtatious inspiration and paste it in the messaging system for certain users.

Maybe try not to inexplicably call him “mister” with flirts like these though: “Tell me mister, am I mistaken, or are you a true gentleman who can both hold doors for women and be courageous at the same time? ;)” Chivalry is one thing, but asking generic questions about being “courageous” is just trying too hard.

Key Features

QuickFlirt Profile

Search for all members, new members, and who is online now from the minute you sign up. If you add photos to your own profile, you’ll probably want to make sure other users upload their photos, too.

However, you can choose to only see users with photos and/or with video. You can also choose your preferred orientation, ethnicity, body type, hair and eye color, piercings, and tattoos. While the site is filled with attractive people (from first glance), the perk of the site is the problem with the site.

They don’t have to fill in anything, so you can too easily go through the whole site just looking at photos with incomplete profiles.  But by sending a FlirtCast like this one (“Hi there. Besides a woman, what else are you lacking in your life that you’re striving to earn for yourself?”), you will get the chance to hear/read directly from them.

Check out your “Like Gallery” to help the site filter out your algorithms, as well as dating matches and who likes you. Quick Flirt also saves your last set of online dating searches so you can browse your “type” the next day, too.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

The site is pretty good about finding users in the nearby area. For example, Chicago residents will immediately see a flood of members in the Pilsen/Chinatown area. Considering some online dating sites won’t take users any closer than 50-100 miles away, this could be a relief to those who have minimal interest in long-distance dating.

Sign-Up Process

This site is fairly easy to join. You just need a username, email address and (optional) phone number. Upload photos (.jpeg, .jpg, .png) no less than 480 x 480 pixels, and no bigger than 12MB. Make sure your photos have no one under the age of 18, no celebrities or copyright infringement risks, objects with no people, and group photos (of unauthorized users).

And there is absolutely no permission to post violence, drugs, death, weapons or offensive gestures. While you can build your profile immediately, you can also choose to “do it later” and just start browsing around.

Communication Options

QuickFlirt Messaging

If you see a user you like, make sure you have a photo on your own page before you click the heart. Otherwise, (s)he won’t be able to see you flirting away. (Plus, what’s the fun in knowing someone finds you attractive when you cannot return the favor?) You also cannot add someone to your favorites without putting up a photo first.

In addition to paid memberships offering you the option to be seen more, you’ll also need to pull out the credit card in order to see if users read the messages you sent to them.

See the Fast Flirting Online Dating Site & Local Single Chat

Pricing & Membership Options

QuickFlirt Cost

Chataholics pay $0.61 per day ($16.99 total) to utilize top rank in Messenger, higher search ranking, read receipts and read receipts for your messages. Extra security costs $0.43 per day ($11.99 total) with Full HTTPS encryption, incognito browsing and auto-history cleaning.

Premium Daters pay $1.07 per day ($29.99 total) for the following: full HTTPS encryption, browsing incognito, auto-history cleaning, ranking on top in Messenger, showing up higher in the search options, getting read receipts, and being seen by five times more people.

The site accepts all major credit cards. The selected subscription will automatically be extended for a successive renewal period for the last duration, but it will be the original price instead of your initial discounted rate.

Safety & Security

QuickFlirt - How to Date Online Safely

On this online dating platform, the first thing you should do is check out the site’s own post “Tips on how to meet safely.” There’s not much in the post that you haven’t seen before. But considering MTV’s “Catfish” is in its eighth season, online daters can still often lead by their heart strings as opposed to logic.

Besides the basics of dating safely and not sending users money, you should also know that Quick Flirt protects your information. Site administration confirms that it will never require verification information and to be wary of clicking on any external links that members may share.

If a suspicious member asks you for a personal code or starts sending advertising/marketing text, you can report users. They’re supposed to be on here to date, not to gain new customers.

Pros & Cons

Couple in the beach

There’s a wee bit of a shot at online dating sites like Cupid Media Network on the homepage of this one, “Our site is open to all.

That means we aren’t a Native American dating site, an African American dating site, a gay, or a straight site, or any other kind of site.”

To be fair, most online dating sites aren’t niche sites.

However, even on the niche dating sites, users will join to date someone who fits that criteria as much if not more than someone who is that criteria. And all online dating sites offer options to filter for your dating preferences, so you’ll still end up narrowing users down.

And that includes their images of Asian, Black and Latina couples, in addition to mature relationships, hookups, and men and women in uniform. There may also be a bit of a catch for the LGBTQ+ users, specifically considering the site bans photos of users who post photos that are a different gender than the profile.

Bottom Line

If this site feels like a lot of other online dating sites, that’s because it is. The good news is it only takes one “magical” user to make the site worth it. The bad news is because it’s a bit less strict when it comes to building profile messaging and photos, you may not even know if users really are who they say they are.

And until you get to the point of paying for messages (and successful flirts), you won’t know much about the people you’re talking about. But playing devil’s advocate, the same cons happen when meeting people in person at parties, office gatherings, the mall, coffee shops, and anywhere else.

Reading someone’s profile doesn’t change the fact that you still need to talk to them. So start talking and flirting away. Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert reviews and dating advice.

See the Fast Flirting Online Dating Site & Local Single Chat

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