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Zoosk vs Plenty of Fish

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Homepage - Plenty of Fish

Zoosk vs Plenty of Fish out there. This is precisely why online dating websites and apps exist.

Zoosk vs. Plenty of Fish

Homepage - zoosk

If you are considering giving online dating a crack but are a bit nervous about putting your love life in the hands of the inter-web, it’s a great idea to scope out Plenty of Fish and Zoosk as potential options available to you. But what one is better Zoosk vs Plenty of Fish?

Homepage - Plenty of Fish

Comparison of Features

Zoosk makes online dating a heap of fun for its users, turning the process into a game, not mind games, but the fun variety referred to as “gamification”. The game-like fun keeps the users engaged and increases interaction between one another. Zoosk offers users a tinder-style feature called the Carousel search function.

Go Invisible - zoosk

This feature allows you to tick green on a person’s profile if you are interested in them and a rex X if you are not. Unfortunately, once you have made your decision the platform doesn’t allow you to go further onto the other person’s profile or change your mind about your decision unless you pay that is.

The Super Send is another one of Zoosk’s features that differentiate this site from the rest. This feature lets you choose a prewritten message made by Zoosk or one that you have created yourself and then you are able to send it to a big group of people who are within a certain radius of your area and of a similar age range.

Additionally, Zoosk features a behavioral matchmaking system, an exclusive Social Networking integration as well as the standard online dating features for their user base.

Features - Plenty of fish

Plenty of Fish on the other hand is a little bit more thorough in its dating scope.

It aims to get people talking to one another as quickly as they can, without a subscription or a match.

Additionally, users are able to categorize their results from those that are newest on the site to those that have been last online, to avoid time-wasting on their love search.

Plenty of Fish, unlike Zoosk, allows the users to be specific in what they are seeking in their love matches, whether they are after a platonic friendship or for someone to put a ring on it.

In addition, to this, Plenty of Fish also provides users with a chemistry predictor which enables users to search for education, religion, location, and ideal age they are looking for in a partner, to ensure that those you interact with are the most compatible in partnership with what you are seeking.

Sign up Process

Your Photo zoosk

The Zoosk sign up process is available on iOS and also on an android app in addition to an online web platform. The sign up is very easy for users, they are asked to create an account through Google or Facebook, with an option to link through Facebook to have your information prefilled, saving even more time.

Once linked you are asked to provide your personal information, ideal partner traits, upload your photo, answer a short self-assessment, and are ready to browse.

Account Information Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish, alike Zoosk require its users to provide a valid email address, in addition to other personal details, before they can create an account. Once this information has been filled in, a username and password can be generated to ensure security whilst using.

The biggest task in the sign-up process for Plenty of Fish is the onslaught of questions the user is required to answer regarding dating preference. In saying this, though thorough, it allows the site to take the given information to find people who are most compatible and increase your chances of finding a special someone.

User Base

In regard to the user base of the dating websites, it’s a bit of stiff competition between Plenty of Fish and Zoosk. While Zoosk has over 40 million people who have subscribed to the dating platform, Plenty of Fish comes in close with 32 million members.

Both websites are very popular in the dating community, but both also provide very different experiences for the user, therefore it’s really up to the user to decide which of the sites would be most beneficial on the search for love.

Ease of Use

Zoosk Communication

When it comes down to the user interface of each website, Zoosk is definitely a lot easier on the eye than Plenty of Fish and though it may be a little overwhelming to navigate the site, especially if you are very new to the online dating world, once you start playing around for a little bit, it starts to get a lot easier.

Communication Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish has an outdated website and though it is simple in its make-up it can be a little tricky to scope, as the website is constantly getting improvements and things aren’t always where you last saw them. In saying this, aside from the constant revamping, the platform is pretty easy to use once you get a grasp of the new changes.

Homepage - zoosk
Homepage - Plenty of Fish


Prices Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish offers a free membership which permits its users to make their profile, search for other users and send messages to people they find intriguing.

However, if someone would like to increase the visibility of their profile to other active members to increase the probability of finding a suitable match, you will have to purchase a gold star which is only available upon purchasing a subscription to the website.

The user has two options in regard to the paid subscription options. If they would like to dip their toes in the water before diving in, there is an option to sign up for three months which equates to $9.80 a month, or if they would like to dive right on in users have the option of paying a year in advance for a lower price of $5.95.

In addition, both of these paid subscriptions block all advertisements to permit users to scroll without being disturbed.

Cost Zoosk

Zoosk on the other hand is completely free to use, however, you need to pay to truly experience everything the dating website has to offer, and you will be spending quite regularly, adding up in the long run. Additionally, you also need a premium account to receive messages from matches and to send them.

The premium accounts work out to be $29.99 for one month, $59.99 for three months, $75.99 for six months, and $149 over a one-year subscription. The longer you subscribe to premium the cheaper each month works out to be.

Pros and Cons


Zoosk and Plenty of Fish are both quite distinctive dating sites that offer their users very different experiences when using the platforms.

Both provide many advantages upon signing up, but they, too, have some slight disadvantages, it really depends on what you require from the dating website and your potential partners.

A large number of users on Plenty of Fish and Zoosk makes both of these platforms a great option if you live rurally or in a small town because it increases the probability of finding someone special.

Additionally, you don’t have to upgrade to receive unlimited messages from other users on the platform or to see who has recently viewed your profile. Zoosk features a much quicker sign-up process than Plenty of Fish, meaning users can get straight to scrolling, swiping, and playing the featured games to find a match.

Couple Holding Each OtherThis is especially great for people who are impatient and want to take control of their love lives as soon as possible.

In addition, the games provided for users to play are engaging and increase user interaction with one another. Though Zoosk is initially free to sign up to, you must have a premium account to message other users, which does not come cheaply.

Additionally, you also have to pay for all the mini transactions along the way and if you really enjoy additional features this could put a huge dent in your wallet in the long run.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a quick and easy sign-up process and aren’t too phased in paying a monthly subscription if it means maximum interaction with people in a very fun and light manner and also increases your chance at meeting someone who is like-minded to you then Zoosk will provide just that.

Zoosk is fun, provides games, and is quick and easy, perfect for those who are in a rush or don’t have the patience for lengthy sign-ups.

Plenty of fish on the other hand requires a thorough questionnaire to be answered, to narrow down your dating pool and increase options of finding someone more up your alley than what you have been landing in real life.

Both Zoosk and Plenty of Fish are very different in functionality, as well as the services they provide, however, they both share the same intention of finding singles a certain someone, it all really comes down to a personal preference of the user, it’s imperative to choose the website that caters mostly to your needs and wants on your quest to find someone special.

Homepage - zoosk
Homepage - Plenty of Fish

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